Thursday, December 9, 2010

Post 5

Mr. Campbell has asked me to pick a monopoly that I would want to be broken up, and how that change would benefit me, my friends, and family.

I would want PSN&G broken up. PSN&G is a well known  monopoly for electric and other household necessities. I would want this broken up because if it was there would be more competition and that could lead to lower prices. With more industries trying to compete, they will try to offer the minimum prices to gain peoples interest. This would help me in the future once I have to pay the electric bill. It could help my friends the same way for when they get older. It could also help their parents and my parents to save money and not using that money to pay for high electric bills, that help keep their and my families alive, like using the oven everyday or the heat. More industries in the market causes lower prices and thats why I think PSN&G should be broken up to help people support their families in better ways.

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