Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Post 18

Mr.Campbell asked us to visit @cybraryman1's economics website and select and explain three sites that we would like to use on the midterm.

Free Economic Data Economic, Financial, and Demographic
-I would like to use this site because you can search for most economic terms, this would be useful because if I don't know what one of the terms are on the test I could look it up on this site.

AmosWeb Economic Gloss'arama
-This site would also be useful, for many of the same reasons as the last site. This site has list of all economic terms all we have to do is click the letter that the term starts with and find the word and find out what it means.

The Mint
-This site would be useful as a study site. This is because it has mini and fun quizzes that anyone can have fun on. This would help me because its a great studing site, for most economic terms that we would need to know on the midterm, which is also fun at the same time.

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